Algorithm for practical lessons rework

Rework of practical lessons is taking every Wednesday from 4 till 6 pm.

In advance, students have to pass MCQ by relevant topic in Moodle platform.

At 4 pm it is necessary to join hyperlink for oral answer:

  • We inform you that your oral answer will be recorded and checked by your teacher

Module rework

Dear students!

Students, who did not pass Modules of the 2nd semester (4, 5 and 6) will have 2nd chance to retake them online by oral interview (no MCQ). Please, see the dates and hyperlinks if table below.

During interview each student will be asked by histological specimens and questions from the list. We recommend you to use or Atlas of Histology for preparation:

Please, take into account that students, who will not pass all 6 Modules, will not get admission to the 1st attempt of the Final exam!

Good luck!

Rework modules 1-6 MED.pdf