For Medical students of the second year

Here is the list of students, who still have acadmic debt. If you find your name in the list, please go to the Moodle and retake the final MCQs

and retake all the missed lessons through Moodle (to do this choose "Rework" in the respective topic). To get information about missed lessons go to e-journal

If you have any problems with access to e-journal or Moodle - contact your Dean office representative

Results of Histology Olympiad 2020

This year four students have shown the best results by giving correct answers for more than 40 questions out of 60. Their names are:

Inayath Ahamed 412a

Syed Naseerulla Nabil Ahamed 412b

Krishnakumar Srinath 412a

Sanjay kanchana suresh 412a

Congratulations for winners!

(Please send me your photos to put in our web-site!)

Also we want to say thank you for all participants, we are glad to see the good result of our work!

Module II MCQ control

This week Fri,22nd of May, at 15:00 all english speaking groups will have 2nd Module MCQ control.

Timetable - 15:00 - 15:50 (MCQs with specimens), 15:55 - 16:20 - conventional MCQs (opened database). Time limits will be strictly controlled, please submit your answers no longer than 1 minute before the end of the time!

If the student does not pass the threshold level, he will not be able to get a grade higher than 3, and will be able to re-test during the oral part of the module according to a simplified scheme (15 specimens recognition). In case of a positive result on re-testing, the student will be able to pass the oral part of the module during the same lesson with his teacher. In case of receiving a negative grade on the oral answer, all students will be sent to the make up modules (will be examined by lecturers of the department). Passing barriers of MCQs will be defined concerning the best results, so we will define them after students will write MCQs. We'll inform you about results no later than Mon, May 25, 2020.

Online histolgy lectures

Dear students!

We want to provide you with the opportunity to get the explanation of every practical lesson topic during the quarantine period. So we organize our lectures on a regular basis two times a week with the help of Skype:

Wednesday, 13:00 - Skype (lecturer Olga, PhD) hyperlink to join the group Wednesday

Friday, 13:00 - Skype (lecturer Katerina, PhD) hyperlink to join the group Wednesday

Now links are inactive, we'll activate them at 12:30 on Wed and Fri respectively. The number of participants is limited to 50, but if there are more students - we'll consider the possibility to organize more lectures.

Lecture slides, as well as videofile are downloaded on our web site not later, than 1 day after the lecture. So you will have an opportunity to watch and read the material at any time convenient for you. Live lectures are provided to get the feedback from our students, as we believe that the best format of lecture is a discussion.

We remind you that lecture material is prepared as a complement to your text-book and considers some questions from the list, which are not covered by the book. Also lectures will help you to answer our new MCQs based on histological specimens. Do not forget, that all modules will be postponed till the end of quaratine and will be conducted with specimens and oral questions. If you want to pass and to get a good mark you have to prepare the material from the textbook, although we cant assess this part of your work during the quarantine.

Will see you online!